A few quick thoughts on rap

Probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that, if given the opportunity, I would choose to hang out with the more “goofy” MCs in the rap business (in imaginary fun-land). Hanging with the Beasties is a given; OutKast of course; Mighty Mos Def – pretty much anyone who’s appeared on Chappelle’s Show. But then I think, I like Ice Cube, maybe I should hang out with him too… some cool people might stop by, like Snoop Dogg, Chris Tucker, the cast of Three Kings. I feel like we would have a good time for the first half hour, then something weird would happen & he’d get pissed. Maybe even yell at me. Awkwardness follows. “Listen, Ice Cube… can I call you Ice Cube? I’m sorry. Please don’t write a diss track about me on your next album.”

If you’re friends with Ice Cube, do you still refer to him as Ice Cube? Like when you call him up & his wife answers, do you say “Hey this is John, is Ice Cube there?” Shouldn’t you be on a more solid level of camaraderie to call him by his Christian name?

I wonder about this when I read interviews with rap stars, musicians, Hollywood-ers. Like Jay-Z saying, “So I called up Bono & Edge & said let’s do this track…” What? You call Bono “Bono” in real life? His parents did not christen him (I’m assuming some sort of christening was involved because he’s Irish) as Bono, okay Jay? As in Jay-Z. P.S. Call me.

On a sort of unrelated note, Young MC’s “Bust a Move” has an incredibly long shelf life. I see commercials during football (the only time I watch commercials now that I’m a DVR snob) with a slight remix of the song, but the heart of it is still there AND still ill. Children will listen to this song & bob their heads. You can’t say that about “You Can’t Touch This” or “Ice Ice Baby.” Children hear that & either laugh or cry.


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